Chapters 1 ~ 3


In the Beginning

Why You Need a Travel Agent

Selecting Your Home at Sea

Chapters 4 ~ 7

Purchasing Travel Insurance

Obtaining Passports and Visas

Finding a Free House / Pet Sitter

Counting the Days to Departure

Chapters 8 ~ 11

Researching Your Destinations

Enjoying Your Port Days

Packing for Your Cruise

Juggling Your Money Overseas

Chapters 12 ~ 15

Capturing and Sharing Memorable Photos

Savouring Your Sea Days

Connecting With Your Shipmates

Keeping in Touch with Friends and Family

Chapters 16 ~ 18

Seeing Another Way

Embracing Cultural Differences

Interacting with Locals

Photographic Credits


Chapters 19 ~ 25

Staying Healthy and Fit

Putting Safety First

Booking Your Next Cruise

Repacking and Disembarking

Welcoming You Home

Preserving Your Memories

Integrating Travel Attitudes

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